The poetry of traveling beyond the horizon. Discover the world's most stunning water routes on the sun deck of exclusive sailing catamarans and rejoice over ultimate comfort. Sustainable, safe and individually curated.


Since 2016, BREEZEDAYS has been tailoring the most memorable cruise concepts for dream holidays at sea for more than 7,000 customers.

Curiosity and passion for the unexpected encompass the quest for the unexpected and the devotion to protect and preserve the world in its uniquity.


In 2020, along with Sunreef Yachts S.A., the leading manufacturer of luxury catamarans, sails are set on new destinations and Edenic standards on deck, providing an optimum of sustainability and comfort in maritime travel. 

Enticing dream bays, vibrant coastlines and pristine nature: a bespoke adventure along the most inspiring sea routes between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Rediscover the inspiration of traveling in limitless ease and indulge in the vastness under the stars in sustainable luxury.

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