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Formentera, Ibiza, Minorca and Mallorca: the Balearic archipelago ashore the Iberian Peninsula. Pittoresque beaches and authentic Mediterranean culture blending into a glamorous way of life. Splish-splash in the morning, barefooted over powdery sand: the dream bays of the Balearic Islands are best explored after a delicious coffee. Spotting secluded beaches, lingering on deck, drifting into absolute ease. Golden beachlines in front of sun-drenched villages and harbour bays with whitewashed piers. The pulsating buzz of Ibiza's nights, the colourful bustle of streets in Menorca, the winding roads along Mallorca's coast: where to dwell, where to drift by?




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225 m2
€ 4.550,—
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Balearic Islands Cruises


  • 4 luxurious guest cabins, air-conditioned
  • natural stone baths & showers
  • exquisite bed linen
  • hand-picked furniture of wood and leather
  • amenities by Aqua di Parma
  • classy outdoor decks with sunbeds and lounge pillows
  • Flybridge
  • Lounge & Bar Area
  • Italian Outdoor Furniture by Minotti
  • relax areas for blissful sunbaths
  • adequate space for individual retreat
  • spacious lounge area
  • appealing dining area for 8 guests
  • high-class kitchenette with water filter and ice machine
  • hydraulic bathing platform
  • highest safety standards aboard
  • Certified Crews

Mallorca (southeast), Cabrera und Minorca

Balearic islands – Heading for eternal dreams of summer


Mallorca (southeast), Cabrera und Minorca

Following trails of legendary explorers, kissed by the sun, exploring the romantic beauty of enchantingly rustic coastal villages and a deep dive into the charm of the Mediterranean way of life. The pearls of the Balearic Islands greet travelers in their ports with rich history and protected natural shelters in the backlands. 


Cruise Details

  • 210 nautical miles
  • anchoring in small bays
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Soft drinks, water & coffee
  • Shore expedition Mallorca
  • Shore expedition Minorca
  • Watersports
  • Snorkeling trip
  • 2 x Captains Dinner BBQ

Mallorca - Ibiza – Formentera - Alicante

A thrilling cruise through the Balearic archipelago


Mallorca - Ibiza – Formentera - Alicante

A thrilling cruise through the Balearic archipelago, alongside enchanting coastlines and magnificent beach sceneries. Experience authentic local traditions, anchor ashore secluded bays and indulge in the legendary nightlife of the pulsating chambers of the Mediterranean heart.


Cruise Details

  • 180 nautical miles
  • Anchoring in small bays
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Soft Drinks, water & coffee
  • Shore expedition Mallorca
  • Land expedition Ibiza
  • Watersports Blue Lagoon
  • Snorkeling trip Formentera
  • 2 x Captains Dinner BBQ

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