Place of yearning for adventurers and gourmets


Woven into nearly 2,000 kilometers of coastline, Sardinia is a place of intense colors, intoxicating scents and exotic beaches. Olympic ridges above underground caves, abandoned ruins, tales of ancient civilizations between light and shadow. A lush culinary tradition luring into the gamut of Sardinian wines and specialities. Rough cliffs and granite rocks atop hidden dream bays, stone-carved fortresses and rough plateaus over fine sandy beaches: Sardinia's unbroken wildness revealed in its nature. To some, Sardinia is deemed the legendary Atlantis, and those, who enter, fall for it within the blink of an eye.


“Sardinia is something different… anything of finished, anything of definitive. It’s like freedom itself”. (David Herbert Lawrence, Writer)


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225 m2
€ 4.550,—
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Sardinia Cruises


  • 4 luxurious guest cabins, air-conditioned
  • natural stone baths & showers
  • exquisite bed linen
  • hand-picked furniture of wood and leather
  • amenities by Aqua di Parma
  • classy outdoor decks with sunbeds and lounge pillows
  • Flybridge
  • Lounge & Bar Area
  • Italian Outdoor Furniture by Minotti
  • relax areas for blissful sunbaths
  • adequate space for individual retreat
  • spacious lounge area
  • appealing dining area for 8 guests
  • high-class kitchenette with water filter and ice machine
  • hydraulic bathing platform
  • highest safety standards aboard
  • Certified Crews

Sardinien Nord-Ostküste und Corsica

Sailing through the Carribean-like beauty of the Mediterranean Sea


Sardinien Nord-Ostküste und Corsica

Exploring the island of the Sardinians, a place of yearning for connoisseurs, adventurers and gourmets, under swelled sais. Rough cliffs and granite rocks above secluded dream bays, stone-carved fortresses and pathless plateaus atop fine sandy beaches, the emerald waters of Costa Smeralda, pink sandy beaches of the La Maddalena archipelago. An ice-cooled wine from Corsican grapes and delicious seafood, fresh from the azure sea. 



  • 245 nautical miles
  • anchoring in secluded bays
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • 2 x Captains Dinner BBQ
  • Shore excursion Sardinia

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