Our luxury yachts

Fantastic island panorama calls for fabulous luxury yachts. With our high standards of safety, comfort, spaciousness and practical benefits for an unforgettable holiday of our guests, we searched for the perfect yachts – and found them in the home of the Italian shipyard Absolute-Yachts. Their yachts have been designed with the love, respect and spiritual spirit of the sea. Breezedays wants to create the perfect experience for your unique vacation. Book a private cruise aboard our luxury yachts and feel just as comfortable and exclusively bedded as in a 5-star hotel. With this in mind, each yacht was individually configured by us and equipped with the highest quality materials and accessories.

For your heavenly holiday experience on the water, we offer you three different yachts for charter. Each of our luxury yachts has a large saloon with kitchen. Here you can dine perfectly and end the evenings in a wonderfully stylish ambience. On the particularly comfortable and feudal reclining areas in the indoor and outdoor area, you can be perfectly relaxed. On our yachts, a traditional sunbath takes on a new dimension of relaxation. Enjoy the gentle sea breeze and the magical view over the Balearic coasts.

Your private cruise on our luxury yachts we offer in three different categories and sizes to choose from. Even our "smallest" offers a length of 16 meters and three luxurious cabins. Every claim is made for a perfect holiday experience. Our luxury motor yachts leave nothing to be desired in terms of reliability, quality, design and freedom of movement on board. In addition, we also think sustainably of our earth: Our yachts are highly environmentally friendly and also have low consumption.

Your team cares about your well-being on our yachts at any time of the day. Be our guests and feel stately cared for on your own personal cruise on the waters around the sunny islands of Spain.