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Boutique Cruises under Luxury Sails

The sky is the limit! Desires coming true before they are voiced. A longing for freedom exhilarated by luxury and individuality. Design your very own customized Dream Cruise or book our Boutique Cruises along selected routes, harbours and memories of a lifetime. 


It's your boat

Yacht Category: Katamaran Sunreef 60 Sailing

Destinations: Mediterranean and Carribean

Crew: 3 crew members on deck

Cabins: 4 double cabins with bathroom en suite

Guest capacity: up to 8 guests


Prices: from EUR 4.400 per day 

and person with occupancy of 8 guests

Dates on request

Prices from EUR 1.250 per day and cabin

Single cabin booking on request


Deluxe Expeditions for Adventurers

Cast off and set sails! Dive into inspiration and experience the pull of sailing with a professional crew. Take your own action in heading for new destinations. Authentic expeditions under the sun, imbued with the thrill of exploring the world of the seas. 




Sail with us

Yacht Category: Katamaran Sunreef 60 Sailing

Mallorca - Sardinia

Montpellier - Mallorca

Gibraltar - Tenerife

Crew: 3 crew members on deck


Accomodation: in double cabin

with bathroom en suite for 2 persons 

Number of guests: 8 persons max.

Prices: from EUR 1.050 per day and cabin



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